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For seniors whose medical needs make it unsafe to reside within the family home, finding Tacoma nursing homes that will offer high levels of care and a commitment to maximizing quality of life is crucial.  Nursing homes today offer many advantages over homes in the past, including better training, staffing and equipment, as well as amenities that help ensure that seniors enjoy time spent in the facility whenever possible. Many seniors have a misconception about what life in a nursing home facility is really like, and bringing your loved one along when you visit and interview potential nursing homes can help alleviate their fears.  Together, take the time to talk to staff members and residents and ask to tour private and shared areas of the property to get a better feel for life in the home.  Once seniors are able to see their peers engaging and enjoying themselves, the idea of transitioning can be much less overwhelming. The Eldercare Channel of Tacoma, WA is sponsored by elder law attorney, Robert L. Michaels of Smith Alling, P.S.  At The Eldercare Channel of Tacoma, WA, we know that it isn’t easy to talk or think about putting a loved one in a nursing home.  The directory below is designed to make it easier to contact and interview homes in our area.  We also offer a wealth of information on what to look for, what to ask, and much more.

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